Optimising Your Website To Be Safe from Hacking

You probably think that your website is not even worth hacking but be aware that a lot of websites are easily compromised and your website is not an exception. Most of the security breaches for websites are not really about stealing data from it or even mess with it, but rather sometimes it is about using your website as a server for email relay or even set up a temporary web server to cater some illegal activities. One of the common thing hackers do when they were able to hack sites is to use a server as part of a botnet or even to mine for some Bitcoins.

Hacking website is one of the most comment automated scripts that are written in order to scour the internet to attempt to exploit known website security issues in your software. One of the few websites who effectively safekeep their website is the website Jewelryroom.com, it is an eCommerce website that sells jewelries online and even caters auctions on their website. They are one of the most popular websites for online jewelry auction.   If you want to safe keep your website and further protect it from the hackers, read tips below on how to add more protection.


Always keep your software updated. This might a simple and obvious advice but keeping your software up to date is really important so you can keep your website secure. This is applicable to the server as well the operating system and of course to any software that you currently use and run on your websie. When the website website security hole are found on the software, some hackers are very quick to take advantage and abuse them as much as possible.

If a third party software is being used on your website like for example a CMS or a forum, you should make sure that you immediately apply security patches. Often, a lot of vendors own a mailing list or the RSS Feed detailing your website security issues. Platforms such as WordPress, Umbraco and a lot of other CMSes will let you know if there is an available system updates when you log in.

You should always look out for an SQL injection. This happens when the attacker uses a web form field or even a URL parameter in order to gain some access and even manipulate your database. When you use standard transact SQL it is easy to unknowingly insert rogue code into your query that could be used to change tables, get information and delete data.

5 Best Luxury Pool Gadgets to Buy

One of the most fun parts about deciding to install a beautiful new luxury pool at home, whether indoor or outdoor, is spending time doing some research to see what gadgets you can also invest in that will complement the new addition to your home. We’re lucky these days in that we have a dazzling array of different devices at our immediate disposal – so here are just a few of our favourite picks to help you see just what is out there on the market in this regard.

Wireless waterproof headphones

You love to listen to your playlists while you’re on the treadmill or out doing some road running, don’t you? Well, now you can enjoy them just as much while you’re splashing about in the pool. This pair of headphones boasts wireless Bluetooth connectivity, a waterproof IPX7 rating so they’re perfect for water sports and a built-in microphone so you can make hands-free calls.

Grace Digital ECOXGEAR ECOXBT Wireless Speaker

If you’d rather not have headphones in as you swim, why don’t you invest in a waterproof wireless speaker instead so you can still have tunes at the poolside? The speakers have a battery life of ten hours, although you can also plug it into a power source so can easily take your music inside with you when you’ve had enough of the pool. You can use it to make calls from your smartphone and it can pair up with laptops and the Kindle Fire, as well as other Bluetooth devices. Even better, the speakers themselves float so don’t panic if you knock them into the pool!

Robotic Solar Pool Skimmer

Cleaning the swimming pool is a chore that has to be done, no matter how much you don’t want to do it, but with this brilliantly conceived solar-powered pool skimmer you can sit back and relax and watch as it does the hard work for you.

GoPro HERO3, HERO2 & HERO Original

You’re sure to want to take a few pictures at the poolside, but what about when you’re actually in the water? The GoPro is the perfect choice as the camera itself is top of the range and it’s one of the best waterproof models out there. Just make sure that there’s no debris or dirt along the white rubber gasket when using it, as this could make the case less waterproof.

Panasonic Eluga

Who wouldn’t want a waterproof smartphone? This Android version from Panasonic can be submerged in up to a metre of water for half an hour or so, so it’s perfect for anyone who loves lazing about in the pool but who doesn’t want to be parted from their phone for too long.

Liquid Image Video Mask Series

Although out of stock at the moment, we’re still taken with the idea of the Video Mask Series from Liquid Image since it’s easy to wear and can take both digital video and photos – all with your hands free!

There a lot more gadget out there that can instantly add more fun to your swimming experience.

This post is brought to you by BossShade.com.au. They operate in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Producing quality and durable pool and shade umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas, and outdoor awnings. They ship Australia-wide and can fulfill orders of any size.


The Best Smart Home Devices of 2018

Jump start the year for your house and give it a good upgrade with these gadgets. These are the top pick of CNET for the entire year of 2017.

Amazon Echo (2017)

New look, new price, same Alexa smarts

Alexa is still the most compelling voice control platform, and the new and improved Echo should only boost her momentum. It’s well worth $100.

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Lifx Color 1000

Best color-changing smart bulbs

Lifx’s second-gen smart bulbs are brighter and more efficient than you-know-Hue — and the colors look better, too. We also like the easy-to-use app, the integrations with IFTTT and Alexa, and the fact that Lifx bulbs don’t need a hub.

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Best smart thermostat

The Ecobee4 has a responsive display, a remote sensor and tons of smart integrations, including a built-in Amazon Alexa speaker. It is unmatched on the market.

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August Smart Lock, HomeKit-enabled

Best retrofit smart lock

August’s Smart Lock adds smarts to the deadbolt you already have. Its simple interface, integration with HomeKit, and reliability earned it an Editor’s Choice.

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SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Best smart doorbell

With 1080p resolution, SkyBell’s video quality is terrific, and integrations with Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT help it stand out in an increasingly competitive category. Free online video storage is a major plus, too.

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Kuna Toucan

Best outdoor smart camera

Kuna’s Toucan camera has a clever design, a low-key aesthetic, and cool extras like an alarm and 2 hours of free cloud storage. For the price, it’s great deal.

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Neato Botvac Connected Robot Vacuum

Best robot vacuum

The Neato Botvac Connected boasts the best performance of any bot vac we’ve tested. It’s not cheap, but with the price comes an intuitive app with remote control. Who doesn’t want that?

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Lutron Serena Remote Controlled Shades

Best smart home shades

If you’re looking for smart shades with a lot of features and flexibility, Lutron’s Serena Shades are the best bet. You can schedule them, control them remotely via an app, and even use Siri to open or close them. Just be ready for a big investment.

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This guest post is bourght to us by DecorativeScreening.com.au – a leading supplier and maker of laser-cut privacy screens and decorative screens. These screens can be installed indoors and outdoors. They can create custom screens both for residential and commercial space. Visit their website for more info.


Top Health & Fitness Apps for iOS and Android

We decided to present you the best fitness apps, because the summer is getting closer and we all need to get back to the gym or do some workout at home. So, here we go.

Jefit for iOS & Android

Jefit is truly an amazing fitness app available for both iOS and Android. It has simple menu in which you can chose your routines, see exercises divided by muscle, organize your working out and check your stats. You can download different routines depending on what are you aiming at. There is beginner routine already installed, but, for example I installed Jefit Advanced Routine. Also if you want new exercises for a certain muscle, you can check the feature exercises and the app will give you lots of different exercises for that muscle.

Google Play Download Link: JEFIT

App Store Download Link: JEFIT

MYB — The 10k Steps Group Challenge

MYB or Move Your But is a social health game that lets users create groups. Each member of the group must complete the 10k steps challenge for 21 straight days. The app serves as a great step counter and motivational app. It keeps things fun and engaging. It’s available for both Android & iOS.

Google Play Download Link: MYB — The 10k Group Challenge

App Store Download Link: MYB — The 10k Group Challenge

Official Website Link: MYB — The 10k Group Challenge

50 Pullups Workout

50 Pullups Workout is an app that helps you train your muscles. With this app you are going to discover different pull ups and it will guide you every day until you complete the 50 pull ups in a row. You will be able to follow your number of pull ups to help you complete your goal.. and what’s a better way to shape your body other than pullups?

Google Play Download Link: 50 Pullups Workout

LokaTrain for iOS & Android

The app enables you to get fit and in shape in no time with the best trainers and most amazing workouts in your area.You can see the Instagram and social media presence of the fitness pros and you can also see videos that they upload! Super helpful features when it comes to deciding who to contact and choose!Great and really helpful fitness tool.

Google Play Download Link: LokaTrain

App Store Download Link: LokaTrain

Workout Trainer for iOS & Android

Workout Trainer is more of a social fitness app, as you can connect with friends, like certain exercises and even share them via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS. Also there are community work outs and a forum with a lot of interesting topics in which you can comment. One flaw of the app is maybe that it not divides the exercises by muscles, instead it offers already prepared “workouts”. But maybe this is what makes the app unique. There are hundreds of different workouts, you can categorize them according to your needs and conditions. This app is perfect for those who want to work out at home, it will give you ton of interesting exercises. Try it, if you want to try something new and at the same time have fun.

Google Play Download Link: WORKOUT TRAINER

App Store Download Link: WORKOUT TRAINER

Daily Workouts for iOS and Android

Daily Workouts is not one app, Daily Workouts are various apps from the same developer. They are named according to the muscle group they are focusing on. We liked these apps very much because they are simple and there is video presentation, time and you can manually go through exercises. We have to mention this are more like exercises for beginners and aimed for home work outs, if you are experienced member of gyms, don’t download this apps. Here are few of them: Daily Butt WorkoutDaily Ab WorkoutDaily Leg WorkoutDaily Cardio Workout. You need to purchase this same apps if you want something more advanced. The iOS version is available here.

Virtual Gym for Android and iOS

Another interesting fitness app with virtual 3D presentation of the exercises. After you register, you can plan your workouts and activities for different day and follow your progress and achievements. I must admit they offer interesting workouts, but for the best workouts you must to pay. Automatically when you register, they build you a profile on their website, and you can start edit and put info in it, you can even start a blog.

Google Play Download Link: VIRTUAL GYM

App Store Download Link: VIRTUAL GYM

Fitness Buddy: 300+ Exercises for Android

This app is similar to Jefit. It’s simple and the exercises are divided by muscle group. Also there is schedule in which you can add exercises and work outs. There are number of interesting workouts divided by levels like beginner, intermediate, bodyweight only etc. Not only that, the app gives you the option to create your own workout. As all other apps, if you want more exercises you must buy the PRO version.

Google Play Download Link: FITNESS BUDDY: 300 EXERCISES

Getting healthy and fit requires a proper tools and more importantly proper information. The helpful tips above on staying healthy and having optimally fit body can go a long way if applied constantly along with the supervision of great doctors. Dr. Cesar Lara, MD is a leading expert in helping people get into their best body shape and losing all the excess and unwanted weight due to unhealthy lifestyle. He currently has 4 offices in Florida. He serves the city of Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg and lastly has a weight loss center in Tampa Bay.


POS (Point of Sale System) Security Tips

Because of the valuable financial data they hold, point of sale (POS) systems are prized targets for criminals—you need to prioritise their protection in your business.

How to keep your POS system safe

Online criminals can hack into POS systems to steal payment card numbers and the associated personal identification number (PIN), which they then use to access your customers’ accounts.

  • Protect your POS computer systems using the same measures you use for other computer systems in your business. That includes keeping them patched with the latest updates, running security software (such as anti-virus), limiting administrator access and using strong passwords. Learn more about protecting your business computers.
  • Consider the physical security of your POS systems and terminals and ensure they are protected and monitored for unauthorised access. If using cameras for surveillance of POS terminals ensure they are positioned so as to not inadvertently capture the entry of PINs. Retain recordings for a minimum of three months.
  • Train your staff to be aware of POS threats and to report any unexpected or suspicious behaviour. Learn more about security awareness training for your staff.
  • Set up strong encryption for the transmission of all data, for example cardholder data between your POS system and the POS service provider. Your service provider should implement this by default. Ask your POS service provider or an online security consultant (with POS experience) for help if you are not sure what to do.
  • If purchasing a new system, carefully vet vendors of POS systems to ensure they are trustworthy and legitimate.
  • Do not allow service people access to your POS systems without verifying their identity. If unsure, contact the service company to confirm their details.
  • Do not use the default user name and password for your POS system, that was shipped with it. Create a new user name and a strong password that is unique to your business. Learn about creating strong passwords.
  • Limit access to client data to those employees with direct need to access it and are authorised to do so. Ensure all client data stored is encrypted, so even if it is compromised, criminals will not be able to use it.
  • Make sure your POS system is behind a firewall.

What to do if things go wrong

If you believe your POS system has been compromised or affected by malicious software, seek technical advice and:

  • Preserve evidence—ideally disconnect the affected system from your network but don’t switch it off.  Identify and disconnect any suspect components, for example computers, terminal, then note any actions you take to limit the potential damage and preserve your system logs.
  • Contact your merchant bank or financial institution.
  • Report the incident to authorities.

This helpful tip on point of sale system security is brought to you by InspirePOS PTE LTD, one of the leading service provider of POS system in Singapore. A pioneer in cloud-based POS technology, now expanding their premium services being offered. Adding an ERP solutions for companies and Invoice software for small to medium businesses. Offering competitive pricing along with unparalleled customer service and care.


Choosing the Best Website Platform for Your Business

When it pertains to discovering a platform for your business site, there are a lot more choices than tastes at Ben & Jerry’s (and also for the 3 people who have never experienced the amazing-ness of Ben & Jerry’s, trust me when I say there are a LOT of flavors). And also you do not want to pick just any old platform, you intend to ensure your internet site looks and executes ideally. Virtually half (46%) of web customers claim a website’s style is their leading standard for identifying a company’s reliability.

With numerous choices, it can be complicated. Which platforms are going to provide you one of the most bang for your buck? Which have the functions you need? Which are going to make you not wish to rip your hair out or snuggle into the fetal setting? If you are looking for a good website to check is the website of Australia’s Awnings supplier, BossShade.com.au. They are based on Brisbane and has been in the business for a long time, you can check their website to see it for yourself.

Let’s have a look at ways to pick the best internet system for your organisation, whether you intend to do it yourself (Do It Yourself), have a company or consultant do it for you, or a mix of both (hybrid).

Things to consider in your web system

Like anything, selecting the best internet platform for your company is going to mainly rely on just what “appropriate” implies for you. The excellent eCommerce system could not be the best system for a blog writer or an online training course. Start by determining just what you require.

Capability: exactly what can it do?

Offering merchandise? You’ll require a system that can refine payments. Regularly including new photos or video clips? You’ll might seek a system where you could easily make changes without tinkering a lots of code. Beginning with what you require your website to do, and after that discover a platform that could make it occur. Taking for example the mentioned business above, Australia’s Awnings supplier Boss Shade, they are a supplier of Awnings in Australia, particularly in the Brisbane area, so the clients visiting their website must be able to inquire to about their products like cantilever umbrellas.

Reduce of use: exactly how straightforward is it?

Unless you’re a wardrobe hacker, you’ll desire a system that’s reasonably easy to use. “Easy” relies on your skill degree. If you deal with Gmail, your time (as well as cash) may be finest spent hiring another person to do it for you. If you’re rather technology savvy (or have a willing geek close friend that could help you out), you may want to explore several of the extra complex systems’ bells and whistles.

Rate: what does it cost? does it cost?

Allow’s face it: rate is a huge factor in every company decision. Even if you locate an excellent system for your needs, if it’s entirely out of your spending plan, it’s not the ideal fit. Determine just how much you need to spend as well as just consider platforms within your spending plan array. You’ll prevent the painful experience of “online browsing,” and also considering a platform you cannot afford.

Personalization: will it match my brand name?

You don’t want a cookie-cutter site that looks like everyone else’s. A lot of systems provide common design templates that you could customize making them much more “you.” Depending upon your objective, find a platform that enables you to tailor exactly what you have to bring your site to life. Brand name must match your website, again taking for example the mentioned business above, Australia’s Awnings supplier Boss Shade, they are a supplier of Awnings in Australia, they are known to be the leading supplier of retractable awnings in the Brisbane area, so the website must have pictures of different types of awnings they are trying to sell.

Technical: do I need to code?

Coding is a challenging monster. And unless you’re a programmer, you’re mosting likely to intend to keep away from it. A stray comma can collapse your whole site. If you’re not a coder, seek a system that doesn’t require it. Or else, you’ll have to hire an internet programmer at any time you need to make small changes.


Hidden Windows Tricks

If you are from Dos generation, you will concur that the Dos methods were best shortcuts to obtain the job done. Thankfully Windows has proceeded making use of Dos in its Windows model and you can utilize Command Prompt to carry out tricks even in Windows 10.

For those who have actually not utilized Dos commands, the Windows Command Trigger tool, and a lot of its commands might appear dull and even reasonably useless in the beginning glimpse, but as any individual that has ever before made use of the Command Prompt really usually can tell you, there’s much to enjoy!

Below are some Command Trigger tricks and hacks that can make your life much easier with PC/laptop:

# 1 Use Ctrl-C to Terminate a Running Command

Much like any command can be stopped in its tracks with the abort command: Ctrl-C.

Did you recognize you can stop a command running in the Command Prompt before it finishes its task? Well, you can do this by pressing Ctrl + C during the implementation of the command.

# 2 Come to be a Command Prompt Power User with Feature Keys

Did you recognize that these feature tricks play a really beneficial duty in the Command Prompt implementation? Below are the feature secrets that function as Command Motivate shortcuts:

a) F1– It pastes the command that was last implemented by the Command Prompt, one character at once.

As an example, if the last command was dir, you’ll need to press F1 three times since dir has 3 personalities.

b) F2– It pastes the command that was last executed by the Command Trigger, however, it asks you to enter a personality upto which you want to paste the command.

If the last command was ipconfig/ displaydns as well as you push d after pressing F2, the Command motivate will paste ipconfig/ i.e. it will certainly paste all personalities prior to d.

c) F3– It pastes the last executed command (the whole command).

If the last command was ipconfig/ displaydns and also you push F3, the Command Trigger will certainly paste ipconfig/ displaydns at the place of the cursor.

d) F4– It presents a dialog which asks the user to go into the character to remove as much as.

Keep in mind:- When I pressed F4 in my Command Prompt Window, it showed the dialog box pointed out over, yet it did not carry out any kind of job, despite which character I went into.

e) F5– It pastes the last implemented command. When pushed consistently, it shows all the commands carried out, in the reverse order of execution. When the oldest command i.e. the command which was the very first to be implemented in that cmd session has been displayed, pushing the F5 secret does nothing.

f) F6– Pastes ^ Z to the command punctual.

g) F7– It displays an accessible list of previously made use of commands through a dialog.

h) F8– It pastes recently carried out commands. Due to the fact that it keeps cycling the previously made use of commands, please note that it is different from F5.

i) F9– As pointed out over, the command timely shops a checklist of all the carried out commands. This list is numbered from0 to 9. When you push F9, you’re asked to enter the number of the command, which you want to use.

For instance, to make use of the initial command, kind 0. For making use of the third command, type 2, and so forth.

# 3 Hack the Prompt Text itself

Did you understand that the timely itself in the Command Prompt is totally adjustable thanks to the punctual command? It is, when I say adjustable, I imply actually customizable. As opposed to C:\ >, you can establish the timely to any message you desire, have it include the time, the present drive, the Windows version number, you call it.

One useful example is prompt $m$ p$ g which will reveal the full course of a mapped drive in the prompt, along with the drive letter.

You can constantly carry out punctual alone, without choices, to return it to its often dull default.

# 4 Conserve a Command’s Outcome to a Data

Often you might need to save the outcome of a command to an apply for future recommendation, or possibly for posting it in some forum for getting aid from others regarding the error( s) displayed in the outcome of that command. You can do this conveniently by inputting <command> “>” (without quotes) followed by a filename after the command you’re mosting likely to perform.

For example, you may implement systeminfo > c: \ mycomputerinfo.txt to save the details supplied by the systeminfo command to that data. You might then affix the data to your forum post. Likewise, if you desire your IP configuration in a single text file type As an example, ipconfig/ all > ipconfig.txt

# 5 Duplicate the result of a command to clipboard

To replicate the result of a command to clipboard rather than saving it to a documents, you could kind <command>|clip

As an example, systeminfo/ all clip

# 6 Run several commands all at once

Did you know you could implement multiple commands simultaneously? Yes, You can run multiple commands at the same time using “& &” (without quotes) in between two commands and pressing Get in. The command on the left will be executed first, followed by the next command, and more.

Dir & & systeminfo/ all.

# 7 Duplicate Text From the Command Trigger.

As you may or may not know, replicating from the Command Prompt is not as easy as copying from other programs, which becomes part of the reason saving a command’s output to a data, which you discovered a few techniques back, is so helpful.

Screenshot of the Mark Feature in Command Motivate.

Yet what if you simply want to copy a short section of text to the clipboard? It’s not too difficult however it’s not extremely user-friendly either:.

Right-click anywhere in the Command Motivate home window as well as select Mark.
Currently, highlight with your left mouse switch whatever you would love to replicate.
As soon as your choice is made, press Get in.
Currently you could paste that information right into whatever program you ‘d such as, just like you paste various other message.

# 8 Use Robocopy as a Backup Remedy.

Thanks to the robocopy command, you don’t should utilize Home window’s backup software application or set up a third-party program to handle your back-ups.

Just perform robocopy c: \ customers \ vijay \ files f: \ backup \ papers/ copyall/ e/ r:0/ dcopy: t/ mir. Replace the resource and destination folders with whatever you want to backup and also where. The robocopy command with these choices works identically to an incremental backup software program tool, maintaining both areas in sync.

Earlier Windows versions like Windows XP really did not have the robocopy command, hence you needed to make do with xcopy command which resembles robocopy. The command for xcopy is c: \ users \ vijay \ papers f: \ back-up \ records/ c/ d/ e/ h/ i/ k/ q/ r/ s/ x/ y.

Regardless of which regulate you choose to utilize, just create a script data containing the command as well as timetable it to run in Job Scheduler as well as you’ll have your own custom made backup remedy.

# 9 Run cmd as manager without using the mouse.

There are a number of commands that call for the Administrator’s privilege. For running these commands, you should run cmd as administrator. Right-clicking the cmd.exe file and also selecting Run as Administrator from the list is very troublesome. We can help you make CMD run with Manager’s benefits every time without using the mouse. There are two means to do this:.

a) Type cmd in the Start Menu’s search box as well as press Ctrl + Change + Go into.

b) Produce a faster way of cmd. Click the shortcut file and click on Characteristic. Under the Faster way tab, click on the button called Advanced. A new dialog box appears. Check the checkbox identified Run as Manager as well as Click OK. Click OK once more to close the Residence Window of the shortcut. Currently, whenever you intend to open a command timely home window with manager’s privileges, you’ll have to only double-click this faster way.

# 10 Immediately Full Commands with Tab Conclusion.

Tab completion is an additional Command Motivate method that can conserve your great deals of time, specifically if your command has a file or folder name in it that you’re not entirely sure of.

To make use of tab conclusion in the Command Trigger, simply get in the command and then the section of the course that you do recognize, if in any way. Push the tab key over and over to cycle through all of the readily available possibilities.

For example, allow’s claim you intend to transform directory sites to some folder in the Windows directory however you’re unsure just what it’s named.

Type cd c: \ windows \ and after that press tab up until you see the folder you’re searching for.

The outcomes cycle or you can utilize SHIFT+TAB to tip through the results in reverse.

You know just how your smartphone’s texting app immediately presumes what it is you intend to type next? Tab completion in Command Prompt is sort of like that … just better.


10 Ridiculously Geeky Computer Hacks

Everybody likes a good trick … unless you are the one on the receiving end of the enjoyable. It’s time to sharpen your pranking abilities, not simply to earn certain you are the very best, however so you can avoid being pranked by others.

Yeah, sure, we can choose the old requirements, like a blue display of fatality screensaver or something like that, yet it’s time to use our geek skills and come up with something much better. We’ll cover a few of the old favorites as well, yet maybe with a spin. Note: Many of these pranks require having the ability to access someone’s computer system physically, and several others need them to leave their PC visited and also neglected. You’ll need to prepare appropriately.

Make the Room Trick Write the Word SPACE

Here’s a clever trick for you: Make the victim’s computer really kind words “SPACE” every single time they hit the room bar. They’ll be lost aiming to identify what on earth is taking place, as well as it couldn’t be simpler.

Simply produce a new AutoHotkey manuscript and also decrease in the complying with two lines of code– the first one is to conceal the tray icon, as well as the 2nd sets up the hotkey for changing the text.

You’ll probably want to right-click on the manuscript and also compile it to an executable before putting it on their computer system. I’m not offering a download for this! Just stick it somewhere on their PC, launch it, and also view the fun!

Just what’s really amusing is that while I was examining this out, I accidentally pranked myself– my AHK scripts are kept in Dropbox and synced throughout all my PCs, and I would certainly forgotten about it on my desktop computer. Whoops!

Claim to Set up Linux on a Windows Individual’s COMPUTER with a Live CD

This can not be easier– simply locate someone at the office who transforms their PC off in the evening, come in before them, as well as boot off a Linux Live CD. After that leave an official-looking memorandum on their workdesk claiming they’ve been updated to Linux, as well as enjoy them struggle to find out just what in the world they are doing. You’ll probably want to get rid of the Install icon, naturally.

Create a Closure Shortcut that Resembles a Folder

This is really straightforward to do– simply develop a shortcut to shutdown.exe on the desktop, and afterwards transform the icon to a routine folder, so when they double-click the folder to see what it may consist of, they obtain a great system shutdown notice instead. You can change the closure time to really far in the future so they will not shed any work, but mainly so they obtain the complete benefit of your geek skills.

If they are using XP, the effect is dramatic as well as nice, and you could even have some enjoyable with the closure time … on Windows 7 you will not have the ability to flaunt your geek skills quite as well, however they’ll still see something that will confuse them.

Switch over the Key-board Format To DVORAK

Just allow the Dvorak alternate keyboard layout that also most nerds aren’t acquainted with if you really want to screw with someone without mounting anything. When they type, whatever will go crazy.

Going into Control board– > Area as well as Language– > Keyboards– > Modification key-boards, after that click the Include switch as well as pick the Dvorak layout (or any other random layout you want). Once you’ve done that, utilize the drop-down above to set the defau

You’ll most likely want to flip over to the Language Bar tab and also established that to concealed as well, so they will not be able to figure it out easily.

Connect a Wireless USB Computer mouse/ Keyboard Into Their PC

This usually works out better if the various other person has a desktop computer COMPUTER, since you can conceal the cordless computer mouse or key-board receiver behind their COMPUTER, and afterwards periodically type an extra letter, or removal the computer mouse slightly. If you do it right, you can have some fun with this one for a long time. The wonderful thing is that this ought to work for nearly anyone, consisting of people that maintain their computer secured constantly.

If they do have a laptop as well as a wireless computer mouse, you can merely change their wireless computer mouse with an identical-looking one, since it will not work for their PC. They’ll presume their mouse batteries are dead, as well as you could relocate the mouse tip around the screen with their mouse. The trick will not last as long, but it will be equally as enjoyable.

Stick a Message Into their System Clock

We’ve covered this previously, however you could easily stick customized text into the clock that sits in the taskbar– and the majority of people will not have a hint ways to switch it back. Simply going into Control Panel– > Area and Language– > Extra Settings– > Time, as well as transform the AM or PM signs to whatever you want. Or you could review how to do it for Windows 7 or Panorama.

Reverse Their Trackpad or Mouse Wheel Scrolling

If you make use of a simple AutoHotkey manuscript to turn their trackpad to scroll in the other instructions, you can truly throw somebody for a loophole. They’ll be completely confused! If they take place to have a laptop with a Synaptics touchpad, you could in fact tweak this setting right in the Control Panel– > Mouse dialog, yet otherwise, check out our post covering the script approach, that should function anywhere.

Add Funny words or typical typos to MS Word’s Dictionary or AutoComplete

There’s any kind of number of possibilities for this one, and also the skies is truly the limit– the idea is that you put something custom-made into the AutoCorrect so whatever they type obtains replaced with another thing.

You can go refined with it, as well as just change an effectively keyed in word with a typo rather, or you could get in their confront with something much more enjoyable– like making anytime they type their name end up changing it with “<Name> is a jerk”. Lots of enjoyable.

For Word 2007 or 2010, visit the Office switch– > Choices– > Proofing– > AutoCorrect Options. For previous variations … I have no suggestion. You can make use of AutoHotkey rather if you want this to be system-wide.

Configuration Task Scheduler Jobs to Launch Random Apps (or a Websites).

Also a severe nerd is going to be pretty lost on the best ways to fix a brand-new tab continuously opening to a particular web page every number of minutes, if you bury that inside the job scheduler. Simply enter as well as develop a brand-new task, gone through the wizard and also select the internet browser executable, plug the site name into the disagreements box, and afterwards established the routine to repeat the job every 5 mins.

Establish the Computer mouse Guideline to Look Constantly Active (to earn Their PC Resemble It’s Hanging).

Wonderful and also easy, yet oh so enjoyable! Simply going right into Control board– > Mouse– > Reminders and also alter the Typical guideline to the busy one. They’ll assume their computer system is hanging regularly, yet it’s really not. For additional fun, you could make the computer mouse guidelines big.

Activate High Contrast Mode (with a Single Hotkey!).

There’s a built-in access alternative that can be very complicated to somebody who doesn’t recognize how to turn it off, and it requires only pushing one shortcut vital series:.

That’s it. Their desktop will certainly get flipped to the high comparison setting– you can push it once more to go back to typical once you press that crucial combo. The fantastic point is that even if their computer system is locked, you could make it possible for high comparison with the symbol on the reduced left edge. On Mac OS X, you could push Ctrl+ Opt+ Cmd +8 to invert the display’s shades.

The Old-School Fave: Move the Desktop Icons, Take a Screenshot, Establish as the Wallpaper.

Most nerds have actually done this at some time in their profession, due to the fact that it’s both irritating and also simple, specifically for somebody who isn’t really expecting it. The standard concept works one of a couple of methods:.

Take a screenshot of the desktop with the icons where they are, set it as the wallpaper, and then hide the desktop symbols.

Removal the desktop computer icons around, or create bogus icons, take a screenshot, and afterwards established it as the wallpaper. By doing this some symbols function, and some do not.
Take the screenshot of the desktop, and after that hide the taskbar below the bottom of the display before establishing the wallpaper (this just works on XP). Even better: flip the image upside-down before doing it.
The outcome looks something like the image above, thinking you complied with the second suggestion as well as produced a folder on the desktop computer that they ‘d be sure to discover right away. They’ll maintain clicking, however absolutely nothing will take place.

Incentive? When they do figure it out as well as open up the folder as well as try … it’ll offer them the shutdown trick too, incorporate this with the closure shortcut so!


10 Cool Tricks & Hacks That You Could Learn From Computer system Geeks


Have you ever before questioned why many individuals around can do wonders with their computers? Not since they are nerds. They have found out a number of computer system shortcuts, methods and also hacks to thrill their close friends, and presume exactly what? They have actually taken care of not only to excite their good friends, yet likewise to earn or locate an excellent job money online by showcasing their skills. By reading this write-up you will not necessarily end up being a specialist in using a computer, yet you will definitely become better at utilizing your computer system.

Whether you are just a standard customer or you have lots of experience in using computer systems, you will certainly find the complying with 10 computer hacks and also methods extremely helpful. After reading this article, you will have the ability to excite your buddies with your freshly acquired computer abilities.

1. Find out Ways to Utilize the Command Line

The fact is that utilizing the command line is not as exciting or simple as it appears like in Hollywood movies. Nonetheless, discovering how you can make use of the command line could prove to be exceptionally handy. Power individuals adore making use of the command line, because they could carry out difficult tasks by just pressing a couple of keystrokes.

There are a wide variety of faster ways, however it takes too much time to provide them all here. However, if you wish to learn more about utilizing the command line like a pro, inspect the adhering to link: Become a Command Line Ninja With These Time Conserving Shortcuts

2. Find Extra Utilizes for Programs you Already Have

Computer geeks will certainly always consider of the box, particularly when it involves locating new uses for the tools and also programs they currently use. The majority of programs can be used for even more functions, in addition to their original one. The file-syncing program, Dropbox, could be utilized to check your residence computer system, download torrents or also publish data from afar. If someone has swiped your phone, you could likewise utilize Gmail to find out.

3. When Also Much is Too Much, understand

When your computer system begins to function a little too slow-moving, you need to discover the real cause behind this issue. Normally, one application will certainly slow your system down, so you need to find it and close it as quickly as possible.

The complying with tools must aid you find the real cause and terminate it: Rainmeter (for Windows) and MenuMeter (for Mac).

4. Know the OS’s Hidden Features

Every os (OS) has its very own tricks and functions hidden under the hood. System tweakers such as OnyX for Mac and also Ultimate Windows Tweaker are merely wonderful for finding secret functions. If you are a Windows individual, you can find out how you can hide secret information inside a file, cascade specific home windows or reverse an unintended data step.

As a Mac user, find how you can create search symbols when searching for specific data, manage the privacy setups of an application or automatically reactivate your computer when it freezes.

5. Learn How you can Break Passwords

By finding out how you can burglarize a computer system you will absolutely raise your self-esteem. Everybody understands how to create secure passwords, but just a legit computer hacker knows to obtain the information they want. This is additionally an excellent exercise, due to the fact that you will discover how to secure from cyber lawbreakers in the future.

A few of the worlds most well-known hackers have been hired for government operations as well as worldwide projects to prevent various other cyber aggressors. We don’t pardon hacking, it does aid though to be one step ahead of a cyber bully heading your method though.

computer geek

6. Make use of the Organizing Tasks

Sometimes it is far better to quit performing all that system maintenance all on your own. The constructed in job scheduler allows you to run any task you require, whether it is defragmentation, photo upload, reminders and even alarm systems.

7. Use the Key-board More

A real computer geek knows all the fundamental keyboard faster ways, such as “ctrl-C or ctrl-V”. Find out one of the most typical faster ways for Word, Gmail, Photoshop and also other programs you utilize often. After just a couple of months, you will certainly have the ability to blow via message boxes as well as food selections at extraordinary rates with accuracy.

8. Discover New Operating Systems

If you actually want to thrill your buddies, you should attempt to learn more regarding Windows, Mac and also Linux.

Each OS has its very own pros and cons that can be seen easily, so discovering more about each system must not be such a complicated job. The cool thing is that there is a great deal of software application available nowadays where it allows you to set up an additional operating system on your computer so you could switch over in between each Operating System when you please.

9. Protect Your Information

Hide your precious info right into a text file as well as hide it in a secret place on your computer system.

Always remember to “Vacant” your Recycle Bin or Trash on your computer once you have sent undesirable files or information there, that way it ensures that nothing can be gotten by any type of surprise visitors you may have access your computer system.

10. Modify Your Hardware

With a bit of specialist tweaking, you can now push your computer system past its original restrictions. Setting up Mac on non-Macs as well as over clocking your cpus are not so hard to achieve.

There are instructions out there to learn the information of your computers hardware, google search the best ways to locate your computer system versions info, note down the RAM and also go down the road to your local computer system tough ware store and get larger RAM sticks eg … 8GB, 16GB, 32GB etc. (Simply make certain that each stick coincides make and also model if you can for the best performance.

Jump on YouTube and also discover ways to Install RAM in your certain kind of computer, this will certainly raise your computers memory allowing your computer system to run a lot more efficiently.